Majella Global Technologies is a premium IT specialist firm focusing on the development of innovative solutions for a variety of government and private sector organizations that are willing to improve on their best practices. Our strength lies in our technology, our management to implement your strategy, all of which are underpinned by a depth of resources that cannot be matched by any other firm.

With headquarters in the United States and branch offices in Asia Pacific and the Middle East, we understand better than anyone the challenges of managing data globally. By combining strategy, operations, technology and our global resources, we are able to provide you with broad experience, a depth of understanding and the capability to assist you in building better business practices by accessing real-time data.

Our staff have years of practical knowledge directing entities through the challenging process of designing, implementing and utilizing data collection, resource monitoring and asset tracking systems.

If you want to see your future, look at us today. Majella Global Technologies.


The Majella Insight product suite empowers decision makers by providing them with real-time situational awareness. Our data collaboration tools change data into actionable intelligence.

Using a combination of smart devices, operating on the Apple iOS, Android and Blackberry platforms and URL dashboard technology, MI products allow you to collect data, manage resources and track assets. This increases operational and business efficiencies while enabling you to manage information globally.

The Majella Insight product suite is a powerful resource to assist in daily operations with workflow management and operational tasking. Majella Insight can be deployed for varied and complex problems offering solutions for data management, logistics, facilities and asset controls.

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Your IT partner dedicated to assist you with the implementation of strategies to increase productivity and improve on your best practices.

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A scalable, rapidly deployable and intuitive software suite that empowers decision makers with real-time situational awareness.

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An outstanding team of highly regarded specialists that offers consulting services to support your various needs and requirements.

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"Majella Insight provided us enormous efficiency, capability and superb project

support, and this contributes enormously to undertaking our goal of vaccinating

thousands of Haitians against cholera."

Louise Ivers, M.D.

Partners In Health



"Majella Global Technologies has provided us with an excellent product

that is easily customizable, allowing us to adapt it to our specific needs."

Anthony Meeker

City of Cleburne Texas



"The intuitive nature of the software coupled with the ability to design the

form to match existing processes reduced the training time to minutes."

Scott Parker




"I have found that as a result of MGT’s efforts, Anglicare Southern Queensland

is now in a much stronger position to be able to respond to incidents of any


Kathy Corbiere, Executive Director

Anglicare Southern Queensland



"Majella Insight is hands down the best tool I have seen that is designed

for collection of data and multimedia."

Danny Muller

Konbit Sante Cap-Haitien Health Partnership



"Majella Insight provides a real time, interpretable command and information

management system that provides a vital COP for the State, tribal, county and

local governments as well as our as well as our non-governmental partners."

Former Adjutant General

Maine National Guard



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