By starting to prepare for mobilization during the development stage, MGT will ensure a professional, planned approach will be utilized during this time. A comprehensive analysis of stakeholder expectations, key objectives, risks, information and resource requirements will be assessed and programmed as per deliverables and tasks.

Mobilization starts from the commencement date to the approved designated time allotments in the Contract. During this period the dedicated Majella Mobilization Team undertakes a variety of activities, ensuring that MGT is ready to take over to develop the tasks and outcomes as detailed.

In order to deliver these principal objectives, MGT forms a project team of specialists with direct experience in the specific sector of your organization to ensure that the critical resources and information are managed effectively and efficiently.

By recognizing information as a critical resource and building a capability to manage information interfaces, MGT ensures that information throughout the period is accessible, current and consistent in the message. This improves security, demonstrates competence and forms the foundation for integrating the existing business and developing coherent integrated management solution.

The team, which is non-hierarchical and empowered, will work to a plan and will be flexible to ensure that the business is in a position to deal with the unknown. The objectives provide a framework, allowing the teams to work relatively autonomously and without continued reference to senior management. This facilitates quick decision-making, crucial during a period that is time-constrained.

To manage the complexity of mobilization, MGT has designed a comprehensive Mobilization Strategy.

The objectives of mobilization are to:

  • Provide accessible and appropriate communication to all stakeholders.
  • Minimise core business interruption to our clients.
  • Provide a step change in service delivery in line with our client’s goals and objectives.


The client faces resistance to the use of new systems and the behavioural change required by existing managers and staff produces inconsistent results across the board.

The reality is that if the program is purchased and rolled out and the employees do not change their behaviour to embrace the new system then this will be not only an expense for the cost of the system but also in cost of lost business intelligence and improved process time.

The change initiative exists to:

  • Maximise investment return in the new system.
  • Ensure accurate business intelligence reporting for purposes of systems improvement.

To maximise the return of investment in the point of Service System the number of staff using the system clearly needs to be as high as possible.

The obstacles to achieving this include:

  • Resistance to new systems and technology.
  • Managers lack project management skills required to create such a change across the entire operation.
  • Staff not receiving adequate training from management.

When delivering a project, MGT’s main focus is to ensure that the client’s transition impact from the legacy system to the newly implemented system is positive on all stakeholders.

MGT works directly with our client’s staff to provide them with support, building capability and keeping them accountable to the new standards set in the organization. Such coaching support has been proven to improve our client’s staff engagement in the transition to the new system, increase productivity, and ensure an effective behavioral change.

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