Majella Global Technologies (MGT) is different to other technical advisory and development firms in the world. Our strength lies in our technology, our management to implement your strategy, all of which are underpinned by a depth of resources that cannot be matched by any other firm. MGT offers an exceptionally strong technical skill-set with unique business management strengths. By combining strategy, operations, technology and our global resources we are able to provide you with broad experience, a depth of understanding and the capability to assist you in building better business practices by accessing real-time data.

The dominant strengths of MGT include:

Successful track record experience of implementing technological solutions and delivering consulting services for a wide range of clients across the world.

An understanding of the regulatory issues and arguments associated with the development and the implementation of mobile data solutions – a specialty that has been pursued by our team at the highest levels.

A team of specialist advisers with experience in facility and asset management, data capture, reporting, mapping and workflow management, where combined intelligence helps utilize advanced software technology in a way that suits specific industry needs.

Continuous sophistication and innovation of the system (hardware and software) with ready capacity for enhancements.

Experience of work with a variety of organizations including government, nongovernmental organizations (NGOs), private sector corporations and international bodies.

Project management capability, depth of resourcing, commitment and capacity to undertake large-scale long-term assignments, to manage these to tight deadlines, and to work in a team environment.

Timeliness of service and product delivery – MGT can act promptly to implement the project upon finalisation of contractual arrangements.

A team with outstanding communication skills and the ability to listen to and communicate with workface, technical, executive and government people.

With our scalable staffing approach we are able to focus on value for the money for all our clients.

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