The Majella Insight™ product suite empowers decision makers by providing them with real-time situational awareness, namely workflow and client care including the integrated management of information. Our data collaboration tools change data into actionable intelligence, allowing real-time data collection in field operations, mobile communication, workflow management, asset tracking and reporting.

Majella Insight™ (MI) utilizes a variety of technologies and communication methods to meet the demands of your specific operation over multiple sites and locations if required. Using a combination of smart devices, operating on the Apple iOS©, Android©, Microsoft© and Blackberry© platforms and URL dashboard technology, MI™ products collect data, manage information flow, manage resources and track assets. This increases operational and business efficiencies while enabling you to manage information flow and workload locally, as well as globally.

MI™ is able to work in both online and offline environments, whilst also accurately handling and managing your data. Such functionality enables organizations to make sound and timely decisions as well as being a powerful resource to assist in daily operations with client management, workflow management and operational tasking. MI™ can be deployed for varied and complex problems offering solutions for data management, logistics, facilities and asset control.

MI™ can provide staff and management with a single, integrated view of the client, facility or asset as well as advanced reporting and dash boarding. For instance, this can apply to collecting information, documenting history, managing procedures and tests, tracking client location, indicating current status and overall progress, tracking equipment status, integrated client monitoring, as well as asset and facility tracking and maintenance. Essentially any integral function can be managed and viewed in real time via the web interface or directly through any Apple iOS©, Android©, Microsoft© or Blackberry© mobile device or tablet.

This powerful management tool provides scalable solutions for any sized facility, from a large facility or network to small premises, whilst enhancing the accuracy of information, decision-making, service levels and resource management through efficient and effective workflow management.


The Operational Manager Solution


The Field Worker Solution


The Fleet Manager Solution


The Workforce Manager Solution

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